Tuesday, November 29, 2005

SEM Times (Issue 2): What are different methods of Online Marketing?

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In our last issue, we learnt "What is Online Marketing?". Now, the next question is "What are different methods of Online Marketing?". In other words, how can you drive visitors (or customers) to your website (or shop)?

Below is the list of Key Online Marketing Methods:
  1. SEM - Search Engine Marketing
    1. SEO - Search Engine Optimization
    2. PPC - Pay Per Click Advertisement (e.g. Google Adwords)

  2. Email Marketing

  3. Affiliate Marketing

  4. Blogging (new entry to the list)

  5. Banner Advertisement
There are other methods of online marketing other than the above list. Don't worry about the meaning of the above listed items. I'll be sharing about each in the issues following it.

As always, your inputs are welcome!

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SEM Times (Issue 1): What is Online Marketing?

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As I wrote earlier, my style may look odd but it is very simple, interesting and educating!

Let me first tell you "What is Marketing and Sales?".
Marketing - Driving people/potential customers to your shop
Sales - Selling your product/service to the people who've come to your shop

Ques: What is Online Marketing?
Ans: In the online world, shop = website, potential customers = website traffic/visitors. Thus, Online Marketing is "Driving visitors to your website".

Example: Amazon (http://www.amazon.com) drives visitors (i.e. poential customers) to its site and sell its products (especially books).

It is also called Internet Marketing or Web Marketing.

I hope its valuable. Your inputs are always welcome!

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