Monday, October 23, 2006

SEM Times (Issue 10) - How do I do SEO for my site?

Dear Reader,

Search Engine Optimization process can be described by the following seven steps:

  • Website and Competitor Analysis: Researching the customers and competitors website, understanding the domain (for e.g. Health Industry).
  • Keywords Identification: Identifying the potential keywords
  • Meta Tags Creation & Web Page Optimization: Optimizing targeted web pages including creation of various meta tags
  • Site Submission: Submitting sites to various Search Engines and Directories
  • Link Building: Getting inbound links from other sites of the similar theme through:

* One way linking

* Link exchange

* Online PR

* Article/Ezine Submission

  • Reporting: Below are some of the important reports I use.
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Keyword Identification
    • Search Engine Ranking Report (Google, Yahoo and MSN)
    • PR and Alexa Rank
    • Site Submission Report
      • Directory
      • Article/Ezine
      • Online PR
    • Link Building Report
    • Traffic Analysis
Maintenance, Re-submission and Re-optimization: Based on the reports analysis, continuous optimization and submission will be done till the ranks are stabilized.

I hope the above brief provides the basic information about SEO implementation.

Till then Happy SEO'ing!

Best wishes,
SEM Times


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