Wednesday, December 28, 2005

SEM Times (Issue 5): What is Email Marketing?

Dear Reader,

It’s the time to move on to the next topic, called “e-Mail Marketing”. Today, in the world of Internet, email is one of the most powerful tools. In a recent study, it was found that ‘checking and sending emails’ is one of the most popular activities among the internet users worldwide.

Now, the question is how this powerful tool can be used for marketing. In other words, ‘what is email marketing’? If you have been reading the earlier issues, I am sure by now you would know how to derive the meaning of the term ‘email marketing’. Yes, you got it right! Fundamentally, Email Marketing is the technique to drive potential customers/users (i.e. visitors) to your shop (i.e. your website). How does it work?

- You create the database (consisting of email address and other details like name) of potential customers or users of your products/services

- You create the message to be sent to them

- You sent them the mails

- They open the mail and the interested ones come to your site

Although it looks very simple but email marketing involves lots of parameters which determines the success or failure of your effort. Some of these important parameters are listed below:

1. What is the source of your email database? (Is it your own or borrowed from someone else?)
2. Have you taken the permission from the people to send them the mail?
3. What day and time are you sending the mail?
4. What is the subject of your mail?
5. What is the design and content of your mail message?

Please ensure that the email database you use is not bought/exchanged from someone else. It has to be created by you and you should have the permission to send mailers to the people in the list. Also, your message should contain the name and complete of your organization.

There exist different tools to create and send mailers and also to analyze the performance of your campaigns.

Without going into the details of the tools, I would like to complete this complete this topic at this end. I believe that it educates and simplifies ‘eMail Marketing’ for you. As always, you can get further details on this topic by being the user of the Online Marketing industry, or in other words by using ‘Google’.

We will learn Affiliate Marketing in the next issue.

Till then, have a great time and wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Happy Learning!
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Krish Menon said...

I am loving your blog man. Wish you a Happy New Year 2006!


Rakesh Waghela said...

U r teaching how to do SPAMMING man.
I am affraid to read the eMail Marketing.Do u know if any person(organization) do such activity the it is automatically added to the spammer's database.
There are several website maintaining such Black List( try on google.)
if u are doing so and if ur message contains ur organizations Name and complete address then(according to Us laws)it is not a spam else IT IS a SPAM.
so u have to mention this thing in ur article.

u can contact me on

Rakesh Waghela said...
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SEM Times said...

Thanks Rakesh for your valuable input. Since, I was teaching the basics, I didn't think of mentioning it here. However, I do understand the criticality of it. I've edited the post accordingly.

Best wishes,
SEM Times