Saturday, January 28, 2006

SEM Times (Resources 1): SEM Discussion Forums

Dear Friends,

Do you know what has changed in the internet space over the last few years? One of the fundamental shifts that happened is that ‘information has moved from Scarcity to Abundance’.

Earlier, we were using net for the purpose of finding information which was otherwise not available. Today, the challenge is not to get more information about any topic but it is actually to find the right information from the abundance of information available.

Internet Marketers also face this challenge. Towards this end, I thought of sharing with you the ‘right or best’ available resources for various Internet Marketing topics. Thus, this ‘Resources Series’ will help you reach out to the relevant and most updated information.

Of all the available resources, I believe one of the best resources is “Discussion Forums”. Why? Because, through these discussion forums you can keep yourself ahead of crowd. Please find below the list of 3 best discussion forums on various Online Marketing topics.

- SEO Today
- Search Engine Forums
- Web Pro World

As always, your inputs are highly appreciated.

I will share more valuable resources in the next issue.

Happy Learning!
SEM Times


John said...

Thanks for sharing. I've been confused about various forums and not have lot more clarityf.

- John M

Anonymous said...

Another great one is Cre8asite

blogdollar1 said...

hi, i am learning about blogs and like what you did in yours, I have a blog about resources. PLease come visit.