Thursday, March 01, 2007

SEM Times (Issue 12) - Participation in forums.

Dear Reader,

In online marketing, participation in discussion forums play a vital role. Forums are beneficial in the following ways:

Communicating with your potential customers - let's say you're selling designer jeans and you've built an online community for that designer label. Need to promote your latest line of designer jeans? Do it through the forums!

Gaining customer intelligence - almost all online communities have forums. At least that's how people communicate with one another. When people communicate, they use messages and it is from these messages that you can get your marketing information - you can know what people like and what people don't like.

Selling advertising space - once you've gotten yourself a thriving community - it's time to generate some side income by selling advertising space on your forums.

Here nothing to lose, only gain!

Keep Participation!

Best wishes,
SEM Times Team

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