Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SEM Times (News) - Search Engine Marketing Careers Articles Section Launched

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The Search Engine Marketing industry was around US$ 10b in 2006. It is poised to grow even faster in the coming years. This growth in the industry will be accompanied by lots of new opportunities for Search Engine Marketing professionals. However, the industry has a limited supply of trained and talented SEM professionals to meet this demand.

Do you know what kinds of job opportunities exist for you in the Search Engine Marketing industry? What kinds of skills are required to build a successful SEM career? How much salary can you earn? How can you keep yourself abreast of the latest and the best practices?

SEM Times is proud to launch SEM Careers Articles section to answer these questions. We are creating a strong Knowledge Base on Search Engine Marketing careers and we hope that you find it valuable. Do check out our first White Paper titled ‘Guide to a Successful Career in Search Engine Marketing’.

We will keep empowering you in your career with unique and valuable information on SEM Careers.

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